The Foundation

Founded in 1991, the Ursula Blickle Foundation promotes national and international contemporary art. Since its creation, a series of renowned and up-and-coming curators have been invited to realise a wide range of projects. With exhibitions, talks, discussions as well as evening performances, including dance and other events, the foundation offers interested members of the public access to a wide range of art forms.

Celebrating 25 years of the Ursula Blickle Foundation
Following 95 exhibitions inside a renovated oil mill situated in the town of Kraichtal in Baden-Württemberg, where the foundation is based, and countless accompanying artists’ books and catalogues, in 2015/2016 the Ursula Blickle Foundation closed celebrations to mark its 25-year anniversary with a four-part exhibition series. The event cycle – Parade, Torso, Dance it and Non-finito – examined the themes of body and movement, perception of space and dance, and was realised in the foundation’s space in Kraichtal by a collective of curators. The diverse mix included Philip Bußmann, Maximilian Geymüller, Michael Hübl, Mario Kramer, Julian Gabriel Richter, Nicolaus Schafhausen, Claudia Slanar, Peter Weibel and Alfred Weidinger, all of whom have worked together with Ursula Blickle over a number of years to uphold the foundation’s outstanding international reputation.

It is with a great deal of gratitude and pride that I look back on this wide-ranging and ambitious programme. I would like to express my sincerest thanks to all those who have been with us on this journey.
Ursula Blickle

Ursula Blickle Lab
The aim of the Ursula Blickle Lab is to offer young artists, writers, and designers a space where they can work with other creative minds to develop joint projects outside of their own discipline. The hope is that through exchanges between participants during the development process, ideas will emerge that represent a departure from traditional exhibition concepts. The pieces will then be shown as ‘works in progress’ and be the subject of a subsequent discussion. The Ursula Blickle Lab will open its doors in spring 2017. Details on this new initiative and planned projects will be available from April on at

The Ursula Blickle Video Archive – Blickle Kino
Founded in Vienna in 2007, the Ursula Blickle Video Archive is considered one of the most significant archives of video-based art that focuses mainly on the 1990s and 2000s. In 2013 the Belvedere/21er Haus joined forces with the Ursula Blickle Foundation and the University of Applied Arts Vienna to review and expand the online version. The resulting website
contains digitalised artist videos that can be viewed at any time via live stream. Viewing stations in the Belvedere’s Research Center provide instant access to around 2,500 videos from over 600 artists from around the globe. Selected works and the latest additions will be regularly screened in the Blickle Kino at

The Blickle Raum Spiegelgasse
The foundation’s latest project, the Blickle Raum located in Vienna’s Spiegelgasse, aims to increase efforts to promote performative and discursive forms of art.

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Curators 1991–2016
Daniel Birnbaum
Margrit Brehm
Yilmaz Dziewior
Robert Fleck
Ursula Frohne
Hans Gercke
Maximilian Geymüller
Siegfried Gohr
Gérard A. Goodrow
Andreas Hapkemeyer
Matthias Herrmann
Martin Hochleitner
Gianni Jetzer
Christian Katti
Udo Kittelmann
Mario Kramer
Dirk Luckow
Chuz Martínez
Gerald Matt
Vanessa Joan Müller
Michael Neff
Ulrich Pohlmann
Cristina Ricupero und Fabian Marti
Dieter Roelstraete
Lukasz Ronduda
Nicolaus Schafhausen
Fabian Schöneich
Katja Schroeder
Claudia Slanar
Bettina Steinbrügge
Florian Waldvogel
Peter Weibel
Alfred Weidinger
Peter Weiermair
Michal Wolinski