Opening: Saturday, November 9, 7 pm
Duration: November 10 - December 15, 2013

In recent years, drawing has gained a new level of appreciation, and perhaps even taken on a new status. This is evidenced not only by international monographic exhibitions, but also by presentations of entire collections from museums and private owners. The exhibition created for the Ursula Blickle Foundation by Peter Weiermair shows related pieces from international artists for whom drawing has a dominant, often exclusive meaning. However, this exhibition expands the term “drawing” to cover a wide variety of works in this medium, from wall drawings to animated films. Artists from South and North America, as well as Europe, Pakistan, etc. have been invited to display their works.

The participating artists include: Agostino Arrivabene (Italy), Lucie Beppler (Germany), Geoff Chadsey (U.S.), Andrea Fogli (I ), Nikolaus Gansterer (Austria), Avish Khebrehzadeh (Iran/U.S.), Waqas Khan (Pakistan), Tadeusz Kowalski (Poland), Franz Mölk (Austria), Danica Phelps (USA), Paul Thuile (Italy) , Sandra Vasquez de la Hora (Chile), Maya Zack (Israel), Michael Ziegler (Austria)

Curator: Prof. Peter Weiermair, Frankfurt am Main

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